Ski Report December 14, 2016

Pond just off #3, after the double humps

Pond just off #3, after the double humps

It is very hard to believe that I was hiking just 10 days ago and the condition was good for hiking.  Today, the activity of choice is definitely skiing and close to mid winter condition.  I decided to do my annual trot up Fortune Parkway from P10.  I need to build up my endurance and get my ski legs in shape before I join my back-country ski buddies.  Fortune Parkway was in excellent shape, the depth of the track was good and my poles were not hitting the pavement.  Burma was track set by skiers and I may have found 1 rock.  There was one (maybe two) skiers ahead of me on #21 (that is since the snow last night).  I decided to try my luck across the cattail marsh area on #21 and found water.  The usually wet area on #18 is still open.  Hidden Valley entrance from #18 is hard to find as I never did find it.  I went back via Khyber Pass and no complaint there.  My legs were tired by the time I got back to the car.

Route: P10 – Fortune PW – #3 – #21 – #18 – Ridge – Fortune PW – P10

Time: about 2.5 hours

Distance: who cares

Winter is Here



It was a glorious day for skiing.  Okay, so the snow cover is still a little thin, but for December 10, I am not complaining.  I started at P6 and was good and skied on the parkway for a while.  The NCC had track set and snow depth was not bad in that my poles were not hitting the concrete.  However, the depth of the classic track is still not up to the usual.  The call of the “back country trail” was just too hard to resist.  I came back via #7 (above) and my skis found some rocks and branches.  Needless to say, they (the skis) now have more personality.  I also decided to check out MacKenzie King estate.  It was very pleasant but getting there was interesting.

Distance: ?

Time: who cares

Winter is Coming

Dorothy and I did the Camp Gatineau parking spot to Ben Lake to Lac La Peche circuit yesterday.  Speaking for myself, I have not done the entire circuit, either by skis or boots, for a long time.  It was certainly overdue.  I did look for the bed spring but could not see it.  Someone has done work in the section after the bed spring so now the trail no longer skirt the swamp.  It now go over a small hill.  Of note is that the ground is starting to freeze and some of the small ponds are frozen over.  Still a little early for that ski trip.

Caroline's (mine) Pond

Caroline’s (mine) Pond