John and Two-Thirds of the Wobbly Women

Multi coloured ice at Boot Pond

What can I say except that it was a glorious day of skiing.  The crust was firm and covered by a lovely layer of powder snow.  Trail breaking was no problem at all.  Most important, the sun came out.  That was the first time in a long time.  We had a wonderful lunch, working on our tan.


We started at P11 and did a tour of the ponds.  We went hiking first (Boot and Gaitor Ponds); followed by a visit to the cemetery (Headstone); the sea creatures came next (Sea Horse, Eel, and Manatee); and last but not least are the dental series.  John and Dorothy can provide the exact route if anyone is interested.

Here come the sun.

Temperature: gloves were not needed at lunch stop

Distance: who cares