Boxing Day 2017 in Gatineau Park

Fellow skiers braving the frozen hanky temperature

It was a glorious sunny day for a ski in my favourite place.

Departure from P12: around 10 AM

Return to P12: around 2:30 PM

Distance: who cares

Temperature: frozen hanky but not the apple

Route: P12 – #40 – #2 – #21 – #18 – Hidden Valley – water – scrape – more water – scrape again – Ridge Road – final scrape – Western (lunch around 1 PM) – #24 – #40

#2 at about 10 AM. I am sure lots of people are in the malls

#21 at intersection with #2 – un-skied since last snow fall

Hike December 6, 2017

I am just a few days late in posting this.  Others certainly has posted photos already.  Here is my contribution.

The first order of business was to find Pat’s Pluming.  Jim and the many GPS’s got us to the approximate area but finding that piece of pipe was another matter.  We looked and it just blended in with all the other skinny trunks.  It took Dorothy and her memory to locate it.  She is one of the few who does not have a GPS.

Pat’s Pluming, found by Dorothy who does not own a GPS. Memory and observation did the trick.

Ice forming

Yes, the ice was pretty solid

Is it strong enough for skiing? Maybe yes.

Oh, the map (from Jim I believe) if anyone is interested.


Photos by Erik

I want to share with you my friend Erik’s photos.  They were all taken during the Falkland/South Georgia/Antarctic trip I was on.  He has a better camera (superior to my point-and-shoot), more patience to wait for the perfect shot, and most important, a good eye for photos.  Please acknowledge him if you want to use any of the photos.

Black-browed Albatross by Erik de Jong

Gentoo penguins by Erik de Jong

Rockhopper penguin, Falklands by Erik de Jong

Snow Petrel by Erik de Jong

King Penguins, Salisbury Plain, South Georgia by Erik de Jong

Salisbury Plain, South Georgia by Erik de Jong

Salisbury Plain, South Georgia by Erik de Jong

Whale (Humpback?) by Erik de Jong

Adelie penguins by Erik de Jong

Exiting the water by Erik de Jong

Falklands, South Georgia, and Antartica

Gourdin Island, Antarctica

My last post was about a month ago, from the very southern tip of South America.  I was looking for a last minute deal to the Antarctic but I never intended to go to Falkland and South Georgia.  I was not prepare to pay that much money to be sea sick.  However, a combination of a good price and a good salesman, and voila, money flew out of my credit card and I was on my way.

I will say that the trip far exceed my expectation.  I saw a lot of birds, starting with black-browed albatross in the Falkland, to king penguins in South Georgia, to just more penguins in the Antarctica.  Then, there is the spectacular landscape of South Georgia and Antarctica.  I have broken down the 18 day journey into 3 sections; Falklands, South Georgia, and Antarctica.  Just click on each location for the summary.

On the topic of sea sickness; I never got that bad.  I was blessed with calm seas (by southern Atlantic and Drake Passage standard) and pharmaceutical help.  I was also blessed with sunny weather (yes, I came home with a tan).  Between Torres del Paine, Ushuaia, and this trip, I think I used up all my weather karma.

All I can say is “go if you ever have the chance”.  It is well worth it.

Larsen Harbour, South Georgia