Sarah and Mike’s Snowshoe Outing (aka The Noisy One)

It was a gorgeous day to be outdoors.  The sun was shinning and the temperature was perfect.  Mike greeted us with blueberry muffins as soon as we got out of the car; can’t get any better.

The outing is not in Gatineau Park.  We (9 of us) explored an area around junction of #366 and #307.  There is more ice than snow; there is a thick layer of ice covering snow underneath.  The ice crust is not strong enough to hold our weight (except Sarah).  The condition made for a really good workout.  I would break through the crust and then have to pull my snowshoes out before stepping on more ice.  I am sure that, tomorrow, I will have a few muscles that I do not know I have. The area would be good for backcountry skiing, when we get snow.  There were plenty of little lakes and lots of logging roads.

Oh yes, the noise.  There is no way to miss us today.  All that ice crunching was very loud.  The only animal we saw was 2 wild turkeys; I figure that they were probably deaf.

A big thank to Mike and Sarah for hosting the day.