Ramsey – Richard – Racine

Dorothy and I went for a walk Saturday (May 12) in an area I have not visited for a long time.  We started early (9 AM) to avoid the heat and, mostly, the black flies.  The plan worked; we only saw a few insects at lunch time.  Oh, the only other person we saw was a trail runner at the very end.  The trails were in good shape and very little debris from the recent wind/ice storm.  There was yellow ribbon closing the trail at the Ramsey parking lot; there was a couple of trees down but easy to walk around.

The bridge between Lac Richard and Racine

An unnamed lake between Richard and Racine

Red trillium

Decay but interesting pattern

It was a Warm One

Yes, it was a very warm day for a hike.  Ottawa reached 27 degrees C by the time I got home.  Every breeze was much appreciated as it keeping both the heat and the black flies at a manageable level.

The hike was led by Bryan and Margaret and we started at the Twin Pines.  That was really nice as I have not hiked or skied that area in the last year.  We had enough time to find the Lost Lake and proceed to Sarcophagus for lunch.  We then descend the escarpment from Hay Knob area and checked out some low level lookouts.  A very nice spring/summer hike.