I do not normally make New Year resolutions.  However, if I did, it would be “to stop making excuses and just go and ski”. That little bit of wisdom would be appropriate today.  The radio announcer and Environment Canada were “squaking” about about the temperature and frost bite warnings.  Yes, it was refreshing this morning and stopping to admire the view is not advised.  However, once moving, it was not that bad.

I needed to go for a nice ski; something relatively easy so I can concentrate on techniques and getting used to my skis again.  I choose P16 because there is no major hills and with the chilly temperature, the woods would shelter me from any wind.  The car thermometer read minus 18 C when I started at 10:20 AM.  There was one other car in the parking lot when I arrived and I saw 2 skiers for the first 1 hour and 40 minutes.  My route was simple, follow #50 and turn around when I had enough.  I went as far as junction with #52.  The trail was freshly groomed with the cardboard ridges firm, some would say frozen in place.  There was a nice layer of powder off the groomed trail.  The snow was dry; squeaky and crunchy.  I would describe today as a noisy ski but that would be all due to the noisy snow.

I did stop at the end to take some photos (too cold in the beginning).  Ice was forming on Meech Creek and made for some incredibly beautiful photos.