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My Thoughts on Georgia and Armenia

I am home now, sitting in my comfortable den, reflecting on my most recent trip.  I am happy that I visited these 2 fascinating countries.  I will admit that I knew nothing about them before the trip except the name.  Like most people, when I hear the name Georgia, I would think of the State […]

Uncle Joe

Gori is a one man town and his name is Joseph Stalin (aka Uncle Joe).  He was one of the most brutal dictator of the 20th century and he was born in Gori as the son of a cobbler. The town itself is fairly insignificant except that it is flooded with Stalin everything (t-shirt, mugs, pipes, […]


Nowadays, I don’t get that many surprises when I travel, with everything available on the net.  The Cave city of Vardzia, Georgia is a pleasant exception to that rule.  I am sure that it is on the net but I just never came across it.  It is a holy city barried deep in the mountains, on […]


Armenia and Georgia are 2 countries in the southern Caucasus.  They are very similar in some ways but so different in others. History of both countries stretch back at least 4000 to 5000 years.  They both have their own alphabets, own language, and own branch of Christianity.  The wine culture is important to both.  Georgia […]


Armenians are deeply religious.  They have their own branch of Christianity.  It is close to Roman Catholic Church with the ceremonies and all.  The more important armenian churches tends to be older with UNESCO designation. There are many churches in Armenia and the word I would use to describe them is “dignity”.  The beauty of […]


Basalt columns are something I have seen but never really anything spectacular.  The Giant Causeway in Northern Ireland is probably the best known example.  It is formed by lava cooling slowly. We went for a walk down to the Garni River valley, after checking out the pagan temple.  Behold this amazing basalt formations.  It is […]


Or maybe I should call this “hello from developing countries”. Before I get to that, I have to tell you about my plane journey to get here.  I don’t know if I would call it a journey from hell but it is not one of my favorite.  I got to the airport early partly due […]


I did mention last time that I was going to visit the birth place of Chopin.  I am not a fanatical fan of the composer but I did want to get out to the Polish countryside.  It was very nice and looks rather like southern Ontario farmland.  Their houses tend to be Plain, like the […]


i will admit that Warsaw came as a pleasant surprise.  Everything I read states that Kraków is the pretty one, and Warsaw, is pretty boring.  Kraków must be really amazing because Warsaw is pretty good. Nothing is really old in Warsaw. The Germans destroyed the city during World War II due to the Warsaw Rising […]