Fungi Walk II (P12-40-2-21-3-9-Western Hut-2-18-21-33-40)

The intention today was to join the Rideau Trail for a hike from P13.  Things just did not work out as planned.  I did start driving to the meeting point and encountered road closure at Parkdale.  My next exit to the meeting place was also closed.  There was more road closures as I approached War Museum and Champlain Bridge.  I was also noticing lots of official looking people in their dress uniforms.  I learned later that they were firefighters, marching to commemorate their fallen comrades.  The decision was made for me; I just proceed to Gatineau Park for a walk by myself.

It was another stellar day.  The sun was out, the temperature was cool, and almost no mosquitoes.  Unlike yesterday when Dorothy and I encountered no one, there were lots of hikers and runners out to enjoy the day.  This could be just a function of location.  The display of fungi was amazing in its variety and beauty.

The view ain’t so bad either.

Good time was had by all.

A Fungi Walk (aka Churchill, Lower Escarpment, Grand View, and Churchill Waterfall)

It was a beautiful day for a hike.  For the first time in months (it feels like it), the overnight temperature dropped into the single digit and it was even cold in the shade.  Dorothy and I did one of our favourite and standard route, starting from Churchill parking lot and circled around to the lower escarpment, Grand View and finally Churchill Waterfall).  The fungi were popping up on logs, on forest floor, and everywhere else.  They are colourful, quirky, and unique.  One would think that I would be immuned to their beauty by now; alas, no.  I still want more photos.

Finally, special mention goes to the view.  A wonderful day to be out in Gatineau Park.

View from lower escarpment

View from lower escarpment

Ramsey – Richard – Racine

Dorothy and I went for a walk Saturday (May 12) in an area I have not visited for a long time.  We started early (9 AM) to avoid the heat and, mostly, the black flies.  The plan worked; we only saw a few insects at lunch time.  Oh, the only other person we saw was a trail runner at the very end.  The trails were in good shape and very little debris from the recent wind/ice storm.  There was yellow ribbon closing the trail at the Ramsey parking lot; there was a couple of trees down but easy to walk around.

The bridge between Lac Richard and Racine

An unnamed lake between Richard and Racine

Red trillium

Decay but interesting pattern

It was a Warm One

Yes, it was a very warm day for a hike.  Ottawa reached 27 degrees C by the time I got home.  Every breeze was much appreciated as it keeping both the heat and the black flies at a manageable level.

The hike was led by Bryan and Margaret and we started at the Twin Pines.  That was really nice as I have not hiked or skied that area in the last year.  We had enough time to find the Lost Lake and proceed to Sarcophagus for lunch.  We then descend the escarpment from Hay Knob area and checked out some low level lookouts.  A very nice spring/summer hike.

Hike December 6, 2017

I am just a few days late in posting this.  Others certainly has posted photos already.  Here is my contribution.

The first order of business was to find Pat’s Pluming.  Jim and the many GPS’s got us to the approximate area but finding that piece of pipe was another matter.  We looked and it just blended in with all the other skinny trunks.  It took Dorothy and her memory to locate it.  She is one of the few who does not have a GPS.

Pat’s Pluming, found by Dorothy who does not own a GPS. Memory and observation did the trick.

Ice forming

Yes, the ice was pretty solid

Is it strong enough for skiing? Maybe yes.

Oh, the map (from Jim I believe) if anyone is interested.


The Three Wobbles to Tomato Hill and Grand View

Dorothy and Inge on the Escarpment

It was an absolutely beautiful day for a hike.  The colour of the leaves has finally changed in earnest.  However, we seem to have skipped the oranges and reds that are common in the early fall and went straight to the yellows and brown.  Don’t get me wrong; I am not complaining because I prefer the yellows and browns.  Okay, one would not know that by looking at the photo above.

We hiked a trail that I normally do in the spring; Tomato Hill.  The scenery from the escarpment is stunning as usual.

Looking at Steele

It was too early for lunch when we arrived at the top of Tomato Hill.  A decision was made to cut across to Hatchet cross-country and have lunch there.  After lunch by the lake, we walked back to the car and then to Grand View; at my request.  What can I say except that it is one of my favourite spot.  We had a leisurely tea there before heading back to the car.

I want to paint this one


Lost and Found

It was a beautiful day for hiking; good friends, sunny, pleasantly warm, no bugs, and beautiful scenery.  Okay, so the colour is not the greatest but it is about as good as it is going to get this year.

Lunch at Hydro Tower

It was a small group of 6, led by the energetic and eagled-eyed John.  We started near the Steele and Wilson corner; walked up to the Power Line; I lost my camera; John found it; had lunch near the top; walked down to the snowmobile trail via the coffee pot, found our way back to Steele and Wilson via Steele Cascade.  I know that this is not a very satisfactory description but it is about as precise as I can make it.  I did try to include John’s map in this post but it did not open properly; so no map. (Addendum: John did send me the trail map in Jpeg format.  Scroll down to the bottom)

The sunlight dancing among the leaves was delightful.


The Steele Cascade is a series of small cheerful waterfalls.

Steele to Power line map

Lower Escarpment, a favourite

There is no surprise today for the planned hiking route; Church Hill parking lot – lower escarpment – Grand View – back to the car.  However, Dorothy and I did make a couple of detours.  The first one is at lunch.  We thought one spot looked interesting and yes, we found a very pleasant spot for lunch.  It was peaceful and the warm October sun made the spot just the perfect place to munch my sandwich.

Peaceful lunch spot, just a short detour from the trail

October sun dancing

We even managed to do some map and compass work after lunch.  Actually, I should not say we as Dorothy did the work and I supervised.  While admiring the still green trees at Grand View, we talked about the trail Keese made many years ago to go around the swamp under Grand View.  We decided to walk down the steep side and try to find the trail.  We found the part that went west, parallel the route down from Grand View.  It is in good shape; I expect that animals keep it well travelled.  However, we never found the connector (from the trail straight through the swamp).  The final short section connecting to the main trail, is vague as always; just have to head west.

Overall, an excellent day to be outside.

I certainly never knew …

Until now, I never hiked up from P12 in the spring.  I guess I was always in a hurry to get as many of the favourite hiked before black flies start biting.  Last Tuesday, I was looking for a quick hike after teeth cleaning and, just as it happens, before the start of the deluge.  It was a very pleasant walk and lots of spring flowers, especially along #2.  That flat boring part of #2 is just carpeted with wild leeks.  My route was P12 – 40 – 2 – Ridge Road – 24- 40 – P12.

Red Trillium

Plenty of wild leeks at corner of #2 and #21

Dutchmen’s breeches

Blood roots

Winter is Coming

Dorothy and I did the Camp Gatineau parking spot to Ben Lake to Lac La Peche circuit yesterday.  Speaking for myself, I have not done the entire circuit, either by skis or boots, for a long time.  It was certainly overdue.  I did look for the bed spring but could not see it.  Someone has done work in the section after the bed spring so now the trail no longer skirt the swamp.  It now go over a small hill.  Of note is that the ground is starting to freeze and some of the small ponds are frozen over.  Still a little early for that ski trip.

Caroline's (mine) Pond

Caroline’s (mine) Pond