Sarah and Mike’s Snowshoe Outing (aka The Noisy One)

It was a gorgeous day to be outdoors.  The sun was shinning and the temperature was perfect.  Mike greeted us with blueberry muffins as soon as we got out of the car; can’t get any better.

The outing is not in Gatineau Park.  We (9 of us) explored an area around junction of #366 and #307.  There is more ice than snow; there is a thick layer of ice covering snow underneath.  The ice crust is not strong enough to hold our weight (except Sarah).  The condition made for a really good workout.  I would break through the crust and then have to pull my snowshoes out before stepping on more ice.  I am sure that, tomorrow, I will have a few muscles that I do not know I have. The area would be good for backcountry skiing, when we get snow.  There were plenty of little lakes and lots of logging roads.

Oh yes, the noise.  There is no way to miss us today.  All that ice crunching was very loud.  The only animal we saw was 2 wild turkeys; I figure that they were probably deaf.

A big thank to Mike and Sarah for hosting the day.

Call of the Snow

#20 near #3

One could question my sanity of the choice of my ski route today.  After all, I hardly ski this winter and none at all for the last 4 weeks.  This was due to some knee problem and that was followed by a pulled muscle.  On top of all this, there is the wild freeze-and-thaw cycles.  I am happy to report that I am almost recovered, there was fresh snow, and the temperature was pleasantly warm.  I just could not resist; so what if the choice of route could be just a little ambitious.  I started from P12, charged out #40 and #2, followed #20, #3, Hidden Valley, #18, Ridge Road, #24, and #40.  So what if I need a little pharmaceutical help when I get home and that hot bath was wonderful.  What a glorious day.

John and Two-Thirds of the Wobbly Women

Multi coloured ice at Boot Pond

What can I say except that it was a glorious day of skiing.  The crust was firm and covered by a lovely layer of powder snow.  Trail breaking was no problem at all.  Most important, the sun came out.  That was the first time in a long time.  We had a wonderful lunch, working on our tan.


We started at P11 and did a tour of the ponds.  We went hiking first (Boot and Gaitor Ponds); followed by a visit to the cemetery (Headstone); the sea creatures came next (Sea Horse, Eel, and Manatee); and last but not least are the dental series.  John and Dorothy can provide the exact route if anyone is interested.

Here come the sun.

Temperature: gloves were not needed at lunch stop

Distance: who cares

Jim and the 3 Wobbly Women

I must first explain the title of this post.  This ski trip started as the desire by the desire of 3 wobbly women (Dorothy, Inge, and myself) for a easy back country ski trip due to our various aches, pains, and lack of skiing this winter.  Jim joined us after just returned from skiing in Whistler.  And voila, the obvious title.


It was a delightful day of skiing.  We started from Hawley and did a loop including the Power Line Pond and Ben Lake.  I am sure that Jim will provide the exact details.  There was a firm crust with powder snow on top.  Previously skied tracks in the woods were often icy and crusty but skiing on the ponds was easy with just enough snow to make everything pristine white but breaking trail effortless.  There were wet patches, in the usual wet spots.  We managed to catch brief glimpse of the sun; over all, lazy flakes of snow drifted down most of the day.

Certainly reminds me of the hand coloured black and white photos.

Distance: 10 kM?

Temperature: Snow clumps under my skis if I stand in one spot

Ski Report January 7, 2017

Going up #2, with sun in my eyes

I decided that I had enough of being sick.  It is time to enjoy the winter.  I also received many glowing ski reports, as if I need more incentive.  I was not disappointed as it was a truly winter wonder land today.  Gatineau Park also had the same freezing rain as Ottawa but not all of it melted.  The branches were coated with ice and sparkle in the sun.  There was a good cover of fluffy snow on top of an hard ice crust.  Number 40 and #2 were both groomed; good control and nearly indestructible.  A fall today would hurt.

Route: P12 – 40 – 2 – 21 – 18 – Hidden Valley – 20 – 21 – 33 – 40 – P12

Temperature: It was a frozen hanky trip.  My apple was well chilled but not frozen.

The freezing rain did do some damage on #21

The open water on #18

Hidden Valley

The bonus of the chilly temperature is that I saw almost no one (okay, 6 skiers) in my 3 hours skiing on a Saturday in January.  Amazing.

Ski Report December 14, 2016

Pond just off #3, after the double humps

Pond just off #3, after the double humps

It is very hard to believe that I was hiking just 10 days ago and the condition was good for hiking.  Today, the activity of choice is definitely skiing and close to mid winter condition.  I decided to do my annual trot up Fortune Parkway from P10.  I need to build up my endurance and get my ski legs in shape before I join my back-country ski buddies.  Fortune Parkway was in excellent shape, the depth of the track was good and my poles were not hitting the pavement.  Burma was track set by skiers and I may have found 1 rock.  There was one (maybe two) skiers ahead of me on #21 (that is since the snow last night).  I decided to try my luck across the cattail marsh area on #21 and found water.  The usually wet area on #18 is still open.  Hidden Valley entrance from #18 is hard to find as I never did find it.  I went back via Khyber Pass and no complaint there.  My legs were tired by the time I got back to the car.

Route: P10 – Fortune PW – #3 – #21 – #18 – Ridge – Fortune PW – P10

Time: about 2.5 hours

Distance: who cares

Winter is Here



It was a glorious day for skiing.  Okay, so the snow cover is still a little thin, but for December 10, I am not complaining.  I started at P6 and was good and skied on the parkway for a while.  The NCC had track set and snow depth was not bad in that my poles were not hitting the concrete.  However, the depth of the classic track is still not up to the usual.  The call of the “back country trail” was just too hard to resist.  I came back via #7 (above) and my skis found some rocks and branches.  Needless to say, they (the skis) now have more personality.  I also decided to check out MacKenzie King estate.  It was very pleasant but getting there was interesting.

Distance: ?

Time: who cares

Think Snow

The bench, beside water tank

Once upon a time, there was a winter with lots of snow



So much snow that skiing #3 was doing the obstacle course … think snow