Ski Report January 7, 2017

Going up #2, with sun in my eyes

I decided that I had enough of being sick.  It is time to enjoy the winter.  I also received many glowing ski reports, as if I need more incentive.  I was not disappointed as it was a truly winter wonder land today.  Gatineau Park also had the same freezing rain as Ottawa but not all of it melted.  The branches were coated with ice and sparkle in the sun.  There was a good cover of fluffy snow on top of an hard ice crust.  Number 40 and #2 were both groomed; good control and nearly indestructible.  A fall today would hurt.

Route: P12 – 40 – 2 – 21 – 18 – Hidden Valley – 20 – 21 – 33 – 40 – P12

Temperature: It was a frozen hanky trip.  My apple was well chilled but not frozen.

The freezing rain did do some damage on #21

The open water on #18

Hidden Valley

The bonus of the chilly temperature is that I saw almost no one (okay, 6 skiers) in my 3 hours skiing on a Saturday in January.  Amazing.

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